Mexican president says referendums could decide fate of ex-presidents

Talking after an authority said an examination had been opened on a 2014 outrage that battered the notoriety of his antecedent, Enrique Pena Nieto, Lopez Obrador said he would not like to seek after previous presidents in court.

In any case, he asked Congress to endorse a proposition affirmed by the lower house in March that would change the constitution to encourage submissions and make ready for a purported review vote on his administration partially through his six-year term.

“Furthermore, once (the constitution) has been improved and these choices can be held, if the individuals request it and need ex-presidents to stand preliminary, that privilege is ensured,” Lopez Obrador said at his customary morning news gathering.

On Monday, Irma Sandoval, leader of the Public Administration Ministry, said the legislature had documented a criminal grievance against various previous authorities over the instance of an extravagance house obtained by Pena Nieto’s then-spouse, Angelica Rivera.

In November 2014, it developed that Rivera was buying the house from an administration temporary worker, starting allegations that Pena Nieto was gotten in an irreconcilable circumstance.

Pena Nieto was later cleared by an administration drove examination that pundits mocked as a whitewash, and the scene did enduring harm to his power.

Sandoval did not recognize the ex-authorities now under investigation, yet when asked whether the examination drove toward Pena Nieto, she reacted: “We could state that, yes.”

Lopez Obrador, who got to work in December, went through years crusading against debasement in Mexican governmental issues. Be that as it may, he baffled supporters when he said he would not like to rake through the past subsequent to winning race in July 2018.

In any case, lately, desires have risen that Lopez Obrador is not kidding about handling debasement.

Investigators have propelled examinations of two high ranking representatives from the past organization for supposed abuse of open assets, Emilio Lozoya, previous supervisor of state oil firm Pemex, and ex-Social Development Minister Rosario Robles.

Both have denied any bad behavior. In any case, a legal advisor for Lozoya said that Pena Nieto knew about his customer’s activities at Pemex. Pena Nieto has dismissed any recommendation of bad behavior.

Lopez Obrador says Pena Nieto isn’t under scrutiny. In any case, he jumps at the chance to pressure that political debasement originated starting from the top in Mexico, and underlined the point again on Tuesday.

“The juiciest arrangements done under the aegis of open office got approval of the presidents,” he told the news gathering.

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